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Here's Paula Johnson from Cortland riding Ryan at Minnewaska, 10/26/08. That's me in the background. Photo by Robert Matthews.
Paula on Ryan and me on Legacy by Lake Minnewaska, 10/26/08.

Photo by Robert Matthews.

Robert got our best sides.
Laurie Willow on Ruby, me on Ryan, and Jess on Legacy atop the cliffs at Minnewaska, 10/18/08
This is what's meant by a perfect day on the trail.
(Minnewaska - 10/18/08)
And here's Jess and Miss Legacy on the trail.
The clifftops.
Ryan says "Where will life take us?" - Awosting Carriageway, Minnewaska
Wallkill Valley Rail Trail - Looking south from the Orchards, 10/18/08
The Wallkill Valley Rail Trail - going north from Gardiner - October 16, 2008.
My baby boy
Hard to believe he's five and a half already!
Note: Ryan is looking over the
Irene Szabo Memorial Fence --

and yes, there's a story there!!
Ryan and Legacy at the Madison County Fairgrounds
for the NYSHC Competitive Trail Clinic
All ready for the 5-mile pacing ride.
Jess on the trail with Pat and her Percheron.
Guess who was in front the whole time..?
Legacy gets her pulse and respiration checked..
(fine, of course)
Passes the Vet Check with flying colors (of course!)
and looks beautiful doing it, too..
And trots out with style.
Congratulations to Junior Rider, Jess DiMartino!
Anne and Ryan mug for the camera up at Mohonk, 5/26/08.
Jess and Legacy up at Mohonk, Jess's 16th Birthday ride!
Mohonk Mountain House from the
Huguenot Carriage Road.
Skytop.(cellphone photo..)
All grown up.

Photo by Jess DiMartino

Ryan is FIVE.


Photo by Jess DiMartino

And away we go...




Photo by Jess DiMartino

Spring Training begins

Ulster County Fairgrounds,

March, 2008